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Keiko: Run and Save your wife!

  Keiko is an awesome game about a man running to save his wife who has been kidnapped on one lovely evening. The goal is to save her but there are many obstacles on the way like cars. Run and collect coins along the way that accumulate you points. Tap the screen to jump over …


Introducing Spar, with love from Ghana

Spar is a very popular card game in Ghana. It is sometimes a source of income when played but it is usually played for enjoyment, the winner gets a lot of prestige after the game. Unlike other card games, Spar is a trick-taking game and that is what makes interesting. The Basics The game is …


Introducing Last Card, from New Zealand

Last card is a popular card game played in New Zealand, especially in schools and public venues. So it is not just some kind of fancy name for a card game but it is a big hit. The game has a set of rules that are to be followed and these are similar to some …


Matatu night At Legends shall be a night to remember

Mark your calendars because 3rd April shall be a day you shall never forget in your life! We shall be at the Legends Sports Bar and Restaurant to bring you the ultimate, mind blowing, tongue twisting and all-fun-filled night that is being talked about at every corner of the country! There shall be prizes awarded to …


Matatu Game: Exciting times at the Orange Expo!

The Annual Orange Uganda Expo is one unlike many events in Uganda. It’s a time when Orange Telecom Uganda showcases its products and services as the leading telecommunications solutions provider in Uganda. Under the theme “Come Get Wowed”, the Expo ran from 17th – 20th of October attracting large numbers of people. Orange out did …

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