Mosquito Rush: Time for Revenge!


Mosquitoes drive everyone mad!!! So for all of you who hate these vile insects buzzing around all night long and sneakily sucking your precious blood. Brace yourselves, because it’s time to revenge and destroy them all.

Kola Studios has released a new game called Mosquito Rush. In this game mosquitoes are all around the room and you need to squish them as fast as you can to keep them away from the baby.

Mosquito_promo_large device-2014-07-22-152948

One of the best things about this game aside from its astonishing design is how the room created is just so Ugandan. With a paraffin lamp on the wardrobe, a random plate hanging around and not forgetting the abundant mosquitoes.

Just like in real life you have to be fast, furious and accurate. This game is a lot of fun you will enjoy the ride.

So follow the link below to download this app and become a weapon of mass destruction against cyber mosquitoes!!



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