#PLE2012 craze with Ugandan Tweeps


Spent the past two days, laughing my lungs out at what Ugandan Twitter users where posting. The fun aside, there is a lot to learn from the tweets. The sarcastic tweets bring out issues that Ugandans feel are core to their lives. Some of my favourite are below:

“Using diagrams show the differences btn gangnam style and azonto.”

“In a polling station of 20 voters, how many votes will M7get a)23 b)330 c)546 d)29062”

“Who will be Uganda’s next president? a) Yoweri b) Kaguta c) Museveni d) All the above”

“What does an iPhone bcome after Straka sits on it a)iPad.b)Flat Screen”

“Fill the blank space with either YES or NO; …………,I’m a thief. (10marks)”

“Which post was #SeyaSsebagala denied? a) fortportal b)portfolio c)fortpolio d)portpolio) e)postpolio”

“Which of these apples did not change the world? A) Newtons Apple B)Eve’s Apple C)Steve Jobs Apple D)Nantaba’s Apple (60 marks)”

“Re-arrange the following letters to get the name of an opposition leader- B I G E Y E S (3 marks)”

“Which TV station do you watch if you want to sleep early? a) UBC b) UBc c) uBc d) ubc”

“What is the common disease in parliament a)dozing b)snoring c)nodding d)day dreaming e) all the above”

Dear Members Of Parliament


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